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About this Blog

March 12th, 2017

This site is a headless, or decoupled Wordpress theme that I coded. Its uses this front-end stack:

It runs on Angular 1.6. node-wapi to pick up data from¬†a WordPress REST API. Bootstrap (3.3.7) for components such as the navbar. Prism.js for code highlighting A responsive flexbox layout. fountain.js boilerplate to get started. Webpack and Gulp tooling. The source is at github/photocurio/topheavy-angular.…

Why I’m not that crazy about mobile-first

March 9th, 2014

It comes down to one simple reason: I’ve never (literally never) had a project where mobile came first.

I’ve never had a designer give me a mobile layout before a desktop layout.

I’ve never had a client mention mobile anything in a first meeting (I always bring it up though).

I’ve never had a project manager or producer who wanted to talk mobile in the early stages of a project.…